How to Clean Ballpoint Pen Ink From Carpet

Everyone has come across a leaking pen once in their life, whether it be during school, university or work. The good news is that these stains can be removed. The first thing you need to identify is which kind of ink has leaked. Is it a water-based ink or oil-based with alcohol? Ball-point pen ink uses a synthetic colourant and an alcohol solvent in an oil based paste. Fountain pen ink is water based.

Since they are different types of ink this blog is going to focus on ballpoint pen ink and you can find the water-based ink stain removal steps on the Carpet Cleaning Tips with Dave homepage or click here.

When it comes to ink stains always remember that a wet ink stain is much easier to remove than when it has set into your carpet.

To clean ballpoint pen ink from carpet:

1.Cover the stain with cold water, keep it moist and do not allow it to dry.

2.Saturate the stain with an alcohol-based hair spray. The alcohol content in the hair spray will break up the ink. (Test the carpet in a hidden area first to make sure the hair-spray does not damage the carpet fibres)

3.Blot the stain with an absorbent paper towel as this will catch any excess.

4.Blot the stain with a rag.

5.Repeat the process until the stain is removed.

6.If ever in doubt, consult a professional dry cleaner.

Extra Tip:

Never use hot water when removing ink stains. A common misconception is that using hot water will help break up the ink. This is not the case, hot water will only worsen the stain. Always use cold-water when treating an ink stain.

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How to Clean a Burn Mark from a Carpet

Burn marks can occur on a carpet if someone dropped a cigarette or match on it. It can also get burned if any candle wax drips off of the candle on to the floor. You may think that this is impossible to get up, but it isn’t.

Things You’ll Need

  • Razor
  • Iron
  • Paper grocery bag
  • Scissors
  • Super glue


1. Use a razor to remove any burnt tips in your carpet fibres. This works for plain burns. Just lightly work the razor out and up on all sides of the carpet fibres. This takes patience, especially if you burned a large area of your rug. It does work though.

2. Cut a brown paper bag to fit over your wax burn. Turn your iron on low and iron over the brown paper bag. Keep checking because you may need to replace the bag a few times. The wax melts right off of the carpet and attaches to the paper. You can then freshen up your carpet fibres with a razor just like you did in step 1.

3. Use the blade of one side of a pair of your scissor and run it across the burn. Go back and forth several times until the burnt parts of the carpet begin to flake off. It will begin to look much better than it did before because the healthy fibres underneath the burn will begin to show.

4. Cut the burnt fibres off with a pair of scissor. Then cut some good fibres from some leftover carpet or carpet in your closet that no one will see and superglue it in the spot where the burn was. The superglue is powerful and will keep your new carpet fibres in place even when you vacuum over them.

5. Use a piece of sandpaper to sand away the burnt part of the fibres. You can then determine whether the fibres look normal again or whether they are burnt beyond repair. If so you can cut them out and replace them with new carpet of the same colour and texture.

Tips & Warnings:

  • You can also freeze wax burns with a few ice cubes and then chip them away with a spoon. Carpet glue and a hot glue gun also work to secure new fibres in the old fibres place.
  • Don’t put your iron on high or you could set your brown paper bag on fire.

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How to Clean Cheese From Your Carpet

1. Scrape out any dried pieces and chucks using the edge of a metal spoon or a dull knife.

2. To get the rest of the cheese, mix up a tablespoon of clear ammonia with about half a cup of water.

3. Use a spray bottle to apply this to the spot. The mixture will neutralize the acids, reduce potential odour problems, and (hopefully) remove the stain.

4. Blot the moisture with white paper towels or a white cotton cloth, and repeat the process until there is no more transfer of the stain to the cloth.

5. Try to keep the mixture from soaking down to the bottom of the carpet. Rinse with water afterward several times blotting up the water each time.

6. If there is still some cheese or odour remaining (you may have to use your nose to determine this), make a mixture of a few drops of dish washing detergent (plain blue Dawn is perhaps the safest) and a cup of water.

7. Apply and blot this several times until you see no more stain transfer. Rinse with water as above.

8. Dry the area with a weighted stack of white paper towels. Remove these and use a fan or open window to move some air around to finish the drying.

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How to Remove Crayon Stains From Carpet

We love crayons when they entertain our children, not so much when they stain our carpet. Fortunately, crayon stains can come out if you use the right method. Be careful though, as using the wrong method, such as vacuuming, can end in disaster.

To clean crayon stains from carpet:

1.Scrape off excess crayon wax with a knife.

2.Place a one-layered sheet of paper bag over the stain.

3.Turn on your iron onto its hottest setting.

4.Iron the paper bag using a back and forth motion applying pressure to the stain

5.Replace the bag as needed when you see crayon begin to seep through.

6.Repeat as many times as necessary.

7.Pour an carpet cleaning spotter over the remaining stain

8.Apply water

9.Blot dry with a cloth

Extra Tip:

A useful alternative to a brown paper bag can be an absorbent nappy or towel.

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How to clean super glue from carpet

1. You will need to obtain some nail polish remover with acetone as one of its ingredients.

2. Test the nail polisher first on an inconspicuous spot of the carpet like in the closet or wall corner before trying on the actual spill.

3. Soak a cotton ball or the tip of a cotton swab in the nail polish remover and then lightly rub it on the spill. The acetone in the remover should dissolve the super glue in a moment.

4. Scrape off the remaining granule-like bits of the super glue with your fingernail or use a fork.

5. As acetone is flammable, apply a carpet cleaner or dish washing liquid and wipe with paper towel to remove the last of the acetone after all the super glue has been removed.

6. Alternatively, you can use super glue remover or super glue solvent

7. If using super glue solvent or super glue remover, follow the instructions on the packaging.

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How to clean a nylon area rug

1. Hang rug the outside on a clothesline (if available)
and beat it (with a broom handle or large stick) getting as much loose dirt out
as possible.

2. Bring the rug inside and vacuum it thoroughly.

3. Spray carpet cleaning foam evenly over entire rug,
adding extra to stained areas. Allow the cleaner to sit on the carpet untouched
for a few minutes.

4. Rub a damp sponge mop over the rug in sections. Your
movements should be back and forth, in the direction of pile and against the
direction of the pile—this will help loosen embedded dirt.

5. Allow the foam to dry completely. This may take an
hour or more, depending on the carpet pile, amount of product used and the
ambient humidity.

6. Vacuum the rug very well. This helps remove much of
the remaining dirt. If you still see stains, spot treat with more foam cleaner.

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How to clean a needlepoint rug

1. Cut a piece of nylon screen and secure it around the vacuum hose with a hair tie.

2. Use the hose to vacuum the rug in long slow motions from the top of the rug to the bottom.

3. Vacuum in this manner several times until all the dust is removed from the rug. If the nylon screen becomes clogged, brush it off and continue to vacuum in this manner.

4. To wash the rug to eliminate more difficult stains, first wet a cotton ball or cotton bud. Use the cotton ball or bud to gently sweep across one of the fibres of the rug to test for colourfastness. If the cotton swab is still white, the rug can safely be washed.

5. Fill the bucket or tub with cold or lukewarm water, and add a pH-balanced soap specifically designed for preserving needlework. Soak the rug for five to 10 minutes in this mixture. Scrub any spots that are particularly dirty, being careful not to tug on the fibres of the rug.

6. Rinse the rug under a running source of cold water until the water runs clear.

7. Place the rug in a warm, sunny spot on a surface slightly larger than the rug. Reshape the rug so that it resembles its original shape. Allow the rug to dry in this manner.

8. If any dirt or debris remains, repeat the vacuuming process and spot clean with a mild mixture of soap and water.

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How to remove a candle wax stain from carpet

Candles are a popular accessory to any household these days whether it is during the festive season or just to spread a nice fragrance throughout your home. The only issue with using candles is that the candle’s wax is a common problem when it drips onto your carpet. As it hardens, many people try to remove the wax with scrubbing, scratching, washing, or scraping. These methods will not remove the wax but they will damage your carpet.

There is a much easier way to remove candle wax from carpet, outlined below:

1. Turn your iron on and to a low setting. It is important not to set the iron on anything higher than a warm setting as anything above this may ruin the synthetic fibres in the carpet.

2. Remove any of the excess wax from the carpet with your hands. Be careful not to unravel any of the carpet fibres.

3. Place a paper towel over the wax when the iron has heated up. With paper towel on the wax, gently apply the warm iron. As you continue to move the iron over the paper towel you will feel the wax begin to melt and liquefy. As it softens, the paper towel will begin to absorb the wax.

4. Keep working with the iron on the paper towel until all of the wax has been absorbed. You may need to change the paper towel if there is a lot of wax in the area.

5. Be patient with this process. It may take time but if done correctly it will work.

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How to remove an alcohol stain from a rug

1. Lightly wet the stain with warm water.

2. Blot the stain using a clean white 100% cotton dry towel and pressing down very hard from the outside towards the middle. Do this repeatedly, turning the folded towel over and over until you have absorbed as much moisture as possible.

3. When you blot the spot move the towel in straight lines, never rub in a circle as this can cause permanent damage to your rug.

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How to remove rust stains from carpet

Rust is a common problem outdoors and is easily ignored, however it is hard to ignore when it moves inside. Rust on carpet is particularly unattractive and can be quite challenging to remove, but with some patience it can be removed. Sooner is better than later, so instead of watching the rust stain grow, remove it as soon as you can.

To remove rust from carpet:

1. Firstly, you should find the source of the rust and remove it from the carpet. Sources may include a piece of furniture or toys.

2. Take a butter knife or another type of scraping tool and gently scrape off whatever surface rust you can. Be careful with the carpet fibres.

The next step can be done using a few different methods:

 Mild detergent:

 1. Use a mild detergent which does not contain alkalis. This is gentle on the carpet. Be careful as some mild detergents can set the stain.

2. Softly blot into the stain using a cloth or sponge. Avoid rubbing too vigorously as this may cause the stain to spread further on the carpet.

3. Rinse the sponge and blot with cool water.

 Lemon Juice:

 1. Using lemon juice with a sprinkle of salt can brighten and freshen the rust

2. Spray directly onto the stain and let it sit for a few hours

3. Blot with a cool, damp cloth.


 1. Pour vinegar directly onto the rust stain.

2. Let it soak for a couple of hours.

3. Wipe away with a damp cloth

Rust-Removal Agents

1. Rust removal agents are available from hardware stores or some supermarkets. Be careful that the one you purchase can be used on carpet and always test a small, inconspicuous area beforehand.

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How to remove a perfume stain from your carpet

1. Try to wash out the spill as quickly as you can after it occurs with a plain white cloth or plain white paper towel(s). A wet/dry vacuum cleaner can also be used with water to repeatedly flush the area and suck out the moisture.

2. Mix 1/4 cup of white vinegar with 1/2 cup of water. Put it in a spray bottle if you have one or otherwise spread it as you apply it. Make it last for two or three applications, working it in gently with your fingers and then blotting it up with a clean white cotton rag or white paper towels each time.

3. Follow that with a mild detergent solution made of warm water (a cup) and a few drops of a mild dish washing detergent (such as Dawn). Again do several applications and blot up the excess each time.

4. Use plain water to rinse out all of the detergent, applying and blotting. Once you have done this, put your face close to the spot to see if there is still any odour from either the perfume stains or the vinegar or the detergent solution. Rinse again if necessary.

5. Dry the area with weighted stacked paper towels (white ones), replacing them as they get saturated. A fan blowing across the spot for a couple hours will finish the drying quickly.

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How to remove hair dye from carpet

1. Hair dye needs to be removed as soon as possible. As soon as you spill it on the carpet, blot it with a clean white dry cloth.

2. Mix a solution of one cup of lukewarm water with one quarter tablespoon of mild liquid soap.

3. Take your cloth and that solution and blot the area working from outside in.

4. Flood the area with a little bit of water and blot again.

5. Make a solution of one part vinegar to two parts lukewarm water.

6. Take your cloth and blot the area of the hair dye outside in once again.

7. Finally flood the area with water one more time.

8. Blot the area dry.

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How to remove grease from carpet

1. Sprinkle baking soda or borax on the grease stain. Allow to sit for a few minutes to soak up some of the grease.

2. Vacuum the baking soda or borax from the spot. Be careful not to rub at the stain with your vacuum.

3. Repeat steps one and two, several times until the stain is not noticeable. It will not be completely removed at this point but the bulk of the grease will have been absorbed and removed.

4. Place a few drops of grease cutting dish washing detergent on the stain and pour a small amount of water on the spot also.

5. Rub in a circular motion with a cotton cloth until you notice the grease coming out onto the cloth. Keep switching to clean areas on the cloth or get a new cloth when this one is completely dirty.

6. Rub the stain until your cloth is no longer picking up grease. Don’t add too much soap or it will be difficult to remove the entire soap residue.

7. Add water and soak up the soap residue with an old towel or cotton cloth. If all the soap is not removed you will be able to see the difference in the texture of the carpet. Keep adding water and soaking it up until all of the soap is removed.

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How to remove a tomato sauce stain from your carpet

Tomato sauce, or ketchup as some call it, is a popular condiment to use at the dinner table. However, it does not mix as well with your carpets. When tomato sauce is spilled on the carpet it is important to treat the stain straight away. If you leave it too long the stain will have less chance of going away.


To clean a tomato sauce stain from carpet:

1. Remove as much of the tomato sauce from the carpet as possible with a spoon. Be careful not to press the stain in further.

2. Vacuum the rest of the sauce that you were unable to scoop up with the spoon.

3. Place an absorbent towel over the stain and try to soak the sauce up further if possible.

4. Spray cold water onto the stain to rinse and blot with a cloth.

5. Spray or pour white vinegar directly onto the stain. Let it soak for 20 minutes.

6. Rinse the vinegar with cold water and blot dry.

7. If the stain persists, try club soda to remove the stain as well.

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How to remove a mud stain from a rug

To remove a mud stain from a rug

1. Dry the stain thoroughly.
2. Vacuum the stain thoroughly, front and back. If your rug is synthetic, you can use the beater brush/roller bar on the front and back; if your rug is wool only use the beater brush/roller bar on the back.

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How to clean a flokati rug

To clean a flokati rug:

1. Add one scoop of Oxyaction to a bucket of water (if your rug is small enough you can also clean it in the washing machine, ensure it is on a delicate cycle with cold water only).


2. If washing outside, spray or rinse well before hanging the rug to dry.


3. Hang the rug to dry.

How to clean a wool rug

To clean a wool rug:

1. Once a month, turn the rug over and vacuum the back. It is okay to use the beater bar/rotating brush on the back but only use suction on the front.


2. Do not vacuum the tassels, they can get sucked into the beater bar and damaged. Simply dust them by hand.


3. Be careful when using carpet spotters or shampoos, they are usually formulated for wall to wall synthetic carpet, not wool area rugs. Always test the rug with damp white cotton towel to make sure the colours will not run or bleed.


4. Try to clean spills or stains as soon as possible after they occur. Start by blotting the stain using a clean white 100% cotton dry towel and pressing down very hard from the outside towards the middle. Do this repeatedly, turning the folded towel over and over until you have absorbed as much moisture as possible. When you blot the spot move the towel in straight lines, never rub in a circle as this can cause permanent damage to your rug. 

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How to clean shoe polish out of carpet

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To clean shoe polish out of carpet:


1. Pour non-acetone nail polish remover or ethyl chloride on a cotton ball or white rag (coloured rags can transfer colour to the carpet) and gently rub the shoe polish stain. If using nail polish remover, make sure it is amyl acetate, not acetone.


2. Purchase a home dry-cleaning kit from a grocery store or discount chain. Make sure to buy the non-flammable type. Pour the fluid on a cotton ball or white cloth and softly scrub the carpet.


3. Open a bottle of liquid detergent and then mix 1/8 tsp. liquid detergent in 2 cups of room temperature water. The detergent should be a lanolin-free, non-bleach formula. Use a clean white rag moistened with the detergent solution to scrub the stain.


4. While wearing protective gloves, mix 1 tbsp. general household ammonia with 1 cup of water. Use a clean white cloth dipped in the mixture to work on the stain.


5. Pour plain warm tap water over the stain. Blot with a dry white cloth to try to pull the stain from the carpet fibres.


6. Buy a carpet spot removal kit. Make sure to follow the directions provided with the kit.


7. Call a carpet-cleaning professional. If the shoe polish is not coming out, turn to the experts. After all, it is far cheaper to pay to have your carpet professionally cleaned than to buy new carpet. An added bonus is that with this solution, you can clean your entire carpet–not just the spot with the shoe polish.

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How to clean dog faeces out of carpet

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To clean dog faeces out of carpet:


1. Remove the bulk of it by using a plastic bag.


2. Mix some water and vinegar in a bowl or spray bottle.


3. Pour or spray the mixture on the stain. Work it in well, you may have to do this several times before the stain is removed.


4. It will take time and elbow grease to remove the stain however if you feel the stain is not coming out, try something different such as rubbing alcohol or a commercial pet stain remover.


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How to remove a coffee stain from your carpet

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Coffee is an especially popular beverage for most of us and also is quite commonly spilt on carpets and rugs . Whether it be while hurrying to work with your take-away cup , knocking it off the coffee table or simply just walking through the office and spilling it .

To remove coffee from your carpet follow these instructions : 

1. Soak up all the liquid you can by blotting the carpet with a clean , white cloth . As in all stains , begin from the outside of the stain working your way in .


2. If you are able to , continue blotting with clean water .


3. In case the stain has not been totally removed try a carpet-spotter.

4. Prevent rubbing and brushing as this will cause the stain to spread .


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How to clean battery acid from carpet

To clean battery acid from carpet:

1.   Clean out the most moist material as you can applying a dried white colored soft towel . Take away the leftover dried stuff with a spoon or a vacuum if you have one .

2.   Create a mixture of 2 tbsp . home ammonia and 1 cup of water . Drop the soft towel in it then begin blotting the stain until it really is not able to get anymore of the acid .

3.   Check if the stain remains found . In case it is , create a different mixture , with 1/2 tsp  of dish washing or fine material cleaning soap and one cup of luke warm water . Gently push down on the stain until it’s taken away .

4.   Rinse the cleansed spot with cool water then blot it with a dried white colored towel until the spot is dried . Continue doing this several times to ensure all of the cleaning soap is taken away , because its remains may entice soils .
5.   Wait around a while then see if the carpet has changed brown colored . If it has , now mix one part white vinegar and two parts water then begin blotting once again , however just do one time .


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How to clean make-up stains from carpet

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To clean make-up stains from carpet:


Take away all excess and caked-on make-up with a towel or plastic material spoon , to be cautious to not rub or crush the stain into the fiber .

Put a little bit of cleaning product onto the cleaning towel , guaranteeing it is wet , but certainly not soaked .

Try a tiny , inconspicuous part of the carpet with the cleaning mixture before dealing with the mark to ensure the carpet tolerates the method nicely .

Blot the stain with the cleaning mixture applying a solid uplifting movement . NEVER rub because this might drive the stain further into the carpet .

Repeat until stain is discarded or no color is lifted off on the towel .

For liquid base that will be permitted to dry into the materials of the carpet , it could be important to let the hydrogen peroxide way to lay on the mark for 1 hour or longer so they can loosen the stain before cleaning . To achieve this , use the hydrogen peroxide to the towel and let damped towel to remain straight on the stain .

If you use a dry-cleaning method instead , you should definitely check out and observe all instructions and advices on the product before applying .

Squirt the region gently with clean water from the spray container to wash .

Blot with a clean white colored towel to get rid of any staying remains .

Put a couple of squares of paper towel on the moist area and press it down with weighty thing .

Allow this remain for a couple hours to soak up any excess water .

Take away weight and towels then let spot to air-dry .

Once space is totally dried , vacuum completely to bring back texture and get rid of any leftover residue .

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How to clean tobacco ash off your carpet

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To clean tobacco ash from carpet:


1. Begin with sprinkling cooking soda , corn starch or maybe alternative absorbent powdered over the smeared spot .


2. Leave it to stay for at least an hour .


3. Vacuum the powdered stuff away with a carpet cleaner . In case the stained spots are along the baseboards , it is going to be beneficial to apply an add-on accessory to access the spot without difficulty .


4. Then , moisten a gentle , wash fabric with dry washing liquid.


5. Blot the smeared spots to moisten those with the liquid.


6. Blot with a wash fabric to take away the mark also the remaining liquid.


7. Keep use the liquid and blot with a wash fabric until the spots are taken away .


8. Permit the spot to air dry totally .


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How to clean tree sap off your carpet

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To clean tree sap off your carpet:


1. Alcohol dries the sap then enable it to be cleaned . It will be the most effective and also simplest cleaning technique . Try a tiny , concealed part to start with to make sure the alcohol will not discolor the carpet .

2. Moisten a soft fabric with rubbing alcohol .


3. Blot at the sap with the moistened fabric .


4. Change to another part of fabric often to prevent reapplying the sap to the carpeting materials .


5. In case the sap is deep in the materials , it would needed to operate the alcohol deeper down by rubbing it carefully with your fingers .


6. Blot up the loosened sap promptly with a wash fabric before the alcohol dries .

7. Go over until the sap is taken away .

8. In case the spot is big or deep , it will likely be useful to let it to dry between functions .


9. As soon as dry , feel for tough and/or gooey spots that have to be dealt with once again .

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How to clean smoke smell off carpet

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To clean smoke smell off carpet:


1. Using this technique is usually risk-free for any carpet kinds .

2. Spread the whole carpet with the cooking soda .

3. In case you want the area to get an enjoyable light fragrance , blend the lavender with the cooking soda before sprinkling .

4. Allow remain during sleep .

5. Vac carpets .

6. Do again if needed .

7. When the above technique fails to remove the smell , it is best to contact an experienced carpet cleaner who provide the cleaning products required to remove persistent smells .

8. In case all else fails , you might like to exchange the carpet .

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How to Clean Sesame Seed Oil Smell off Tile

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To Clean Sesame Seed Oil Smell off Tile:


1. Make sure that the location is swept or wiped free from dirt or dusts before cleaning .

2. Apply the oil pour with Aldon Insta-Clean .

3. Utilize the material to erase the location clean and dry .

4. Do again if needed until every bit of the oil remains is eradicated .

5. Open up the windows to let the air to flow via the room . This helps eradicate any residual smells in the air .

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How to Clean Latex Paint off Shingles

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To Clean Latex Paint off Shingles:


1. Start by blotting the stained location with a material bathed with the paint remover .

2. Do not scrubbing the location because this can result in detrimental the rough covering .

3. When utilizing rubbing alcohol , you have to cover it to ensure that it doesn’t evaporate before it has got time for it to function .

4. Put on plenty of alcohol to the surface area .

5. Cover the location with plastic material wrap and then tape it down around the rims .

6. After placing on the discolor , the alcohol triggers the paint to liquefy .

7. After the paint is liquefied , blot it away with a duster material .

8. Clean the location completely with a general cleaning agent with water blend .

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How to Clean Plastic off Carpet

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To Clean Plastic off Carpet:


1. Set the iron metal to the hottest mode as it can be .

2. Switch off the vapor feature to produce a dry heat .

3. Coat the plastic stains with 1 coating of paper bag .

4. Put the iron metal over the paper bag . Shift it very slowly and gently to ensure that it will not scorch , also prevent putting excessive pressure otherwise you’ll finish up melting the plastic material andpressing it more into the materials .

5. After the high temperature of the iron penetrates the paper bag , it is going to melt the plastic material and lead it to stick to the paper bag .

6. Carefully take the paper up . Take away the paper bag when it’s warm . If you ever let it to cool down , the plastic material will certainly stick to the carpeting materials .

7. In case there are plastic material pieces staying in the carpeting , go over with new paper bag . It might assist to heat it more before taking away the paper bag .

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